Business Administration / Policies and Procedure

Most business owners have a passion for what they do and this makes then successful. However they are tuned in on doing business, making the sale, creating the dream and not on managing people or a business. Administration of a business which is the day to day operation of the business is just as important as making the sale and for any business to be successful and grow they have to have a proper system in place.  We work with our client by advising and assisting them as to what structure of operation is best suited for your industry and business.

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Labour / Industrial Relations

Labour or Industrial Relations is the area that deals with the employee-employer relationship. This is one of the most complex and sensitive aspect of business and is cardinal to sustained achievements of any organization’s goals and objectives. It should thus be a key interest of any business to create and maintain good relations between employees and employers.

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Polygraph Services

Polygraph services exist mainly of pre-employment, periodic tests, specific tests, and Forensic Assessment Interviews.

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Recruitment / Pre-Employment Vetting

100% of your business is people and if you have the wrong person in place it could be detrimental to the company. With years of experience we have the understanding of which personality is suited for what industry and more importantly with the tools at our disposal we can make sure that the applicant that you employee is honest.

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