Polygraph Services

Polygraph services exist mainly of pre-employment, periodic tests, specific tests, and Forensic Assessment Interviews.


This is a polygraph test that is done on random employees on a regular interval to ensure that their behavior is according to the standards as set by the company.

The aim is to find employees that are not following rules or procedure or that is planning illegal activities within the business.

A list of issues, specific to your company, will be composed beforehand. Each department will be treated individually, as each department will have different issues of concern.

Dishonesty and/or deviation of company policies are detected before significant damages are suffered by the company.


Specific Polygraph Tests is a truth verification conducted when a specific incident has taken place ie. Stock losses, theft, fraud. This test includes a Forensic Assessment Interview.


This is a forensic interview conducted by trained individuals to determine if a person is truthful or deceptive by using verbal and non-verbal indicators and elements.This interview is scored using a scientific basic scoring guide.

Polygraph testing is a vital tool in any business and can be used in any business. We look forward in establishing long-term business relationships. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please visit Namibia Law Journal Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2014 for more information about Polygraph tests in Namibian Courts.

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