Recruitment or Pre-Employment Vetting

100% of your business is people and if you have the wrong person in place it could be detrimental to the company. With years of experience we have the understanding of which personality is suited for what industry and more importantly with the tools at our disposal we can make sure that the applicant that you employee is honest.

It is an increasing trend that more and more person commit some form of fraud, theft or dishonesty within the first three months that they are employed and nine out of ten times this employee has committed the same misconduct at a previous employer. Once a person is employed in your company you cannot dismiss them on a whim or suspicion and specific legal procedures need to be complied to. Thus you must do everything in your power to make sure that the person you employee does not have a deviant background, which will increase the risk of them committing the same misconduct by tenfold, no matter how good your security measures are.

We have three ways to assist our clients to make sure honest, hard-working people are put in the right positions.

1. Pre-Employment Vetting

We scrutinize the CV of the applicant to make sure that the information on it is authentic and verified. Through research and experience we have discovered that certain aspects are vital to this field that must be complied to in order for a candidate to be honest.

In our experience; 6 out of 10 people lie on their CV about some matter.

2. Pre-Employment Polygraph

The applicants are subjected to a pre-employment polygraph test to make sure that they do not have a deviant background. They also complete a questionnaire that forms part of your application documents and provides vital information about the persons education, experience, honesty and other habits.

3. Recruitment

Some companies do not employ staff specifically for recruitment and just like you would not want a dentist to build a bridge, you also do not want   someone that does not deal with this matter everyday to employee people when they do not know what to be on the look out for.

We do the advertising, do pre-employment vetting and polygraph tests and arrange for interviews. We send you the best suitable candidates for your company and culture and you chose which you want to employ.

We strive not only to place the best people in the right positions but the most honest people as well. The employer-employee relationship is build on trust and you must be able to trust your employee at all time, so can you really afford not to know who you allow into your house.

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